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SharePoint 2010 Simple Reminder scans the data stored in SharePoint sites. For one list item, if the specified conditions are met, one email or task will be sent (assigned) to specified users.

For example, if you want to check the inventory list everyday, and send an email to yourself and the manager of the inventory when "QuantityAvailable" is less than 10.

What you need to do is:

1. Install "EFSimpleReminder" on you SharePoint server;

2. Activate the feature from your site collection settings.

3. Create a view for the "inventory" list (just for test), which only display the data with the "QuantityAvailable" less than 10; let's call it "InventoryReminding"

4. Configure the timer job from Central Admin to scan the data one time per day;

5. Configure the list "EFSimpleReminderCfg" for "InventoryReminding".  Add one item to the list, and specify email template in it.

6. Done.


When feature activated, SharePoint 2010 Simple Reminder creates a SharePoint timer job and two lists for the site collection.

List "EFSimpleReminderCfg" is for configuration settings, "EFSimpleReminderHistory" is for job history, "EFSimpleReminderJob" is for shortcuts of SharePoint jobs.

One email will be sent to one specified user (either email address or column name in the list view) for each item in the specified list view during the data scanning.

Please modify the "Install.cmd" script file to install it. (Run the script "as administrator" and Farm administrator).  Don't try to activate the feature through SharePoint site collection features page, you will get security error message because SPJobDefinition is not part of the site collection.

Please click here to check document and screen shots.

If you found any bug, please let me know. I will fix it as soon as possible.


For version 1.1,

1. Added support of "Reminding task";


For version 1.2,

1. Added admin page to manage the settings;


In the future, it will:

1. Support "one time sending";

2. Support "EmailCC";


Update (8/4/2011):   An easier way is to implement through "workflows" and "workflow timer" (   So we can utilize the power of SharePoint designer workflow.   But if there is more than 20 different reminder emails, then it could be hard to maintain.


* Simple reminder admin page link in site collection settings

* Simple reminder admin page

* One reminder configuration

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